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About Us

Total Hockey is committed to demonstrating progress in environmental understanding and practices to help reduce our ecological impact in the world. HockeyGreen focuses on just that. We are actively pursuing avenues to engage the hockey community in our green efforts to not only raise awareness, but also provide solutions to minimize our carbon footprint. These endeavors focus on implementing strategies to further reuse, recycle and reduce products and services at Total Hockey.


HockeyGreen focuses on ways to align Total Hockey’s business practices with environmentally friendly strategies in an effort to reduce our ecological impact. A major initiative currently underway is focused on developing a recycling program for composite hockey sticks.


HockeyGreen’s goal for this initiative is to collect broken composite hockey sticks from hockey players around the nation and to build a large inventory that can be used in the research of discovering a way to capture and extract the carbon fiber and develop a method to reuse these materials in the creation of new products.


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