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Earn $10 Credit

HockeyGreen provides players with an incentive to precycle their broken and unwanted composite hockey sticks instead of just throwing them away. HockeyGreen rewards you for going green. So how exactly do you precycle your stick? Itís simple!


1. Take your broken composite stick to a Total Hockey retail store location.
2. Present the broken stick to a Total Hockey hockey expert.
3. If the stick meets the eligibility requirements, you will receive a $10 credit on a qualifying stick purchase from Total Hockey.

If you purchase a new composite stick from Total Hockey, but do not have a broken composite stick with you to precycle, you have 90 days to bring in an eligible stick to receive a $10 credit applied to your most recent stick purchase. Please note only one $10 credit can be applied to each new stick purchase.


1. Request a FREE UPS Return Ship (RS) label
2. Place your broken or unwanted composite stick in a HockeyGreen bag
3. Affix the UPS Return Ship label to the bag
4. Take the package to a UPS Store or Drop Box
5. As soon as your package arrives back at Total Hockey, you will receive a $10 credit applied to your most recent composite stick purchase within the past 90 days.

Do you have more questions? 

Perhaps the FAQ may help or feel free to contact Total Hockey at 866.929.6699.


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