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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to precycle?

HockeyGreen’s goal is to collect broken composite hockey sticks and build inventory that can be used in the research and development of a way to capture and extract carbon fiber.  By precycling today, it will enable partner participants to develop a method to reuse these materials in the creation of new products and ultimately provide an earth-friendly solution to recycling these materials.

Why should I precycle?

Composite hockey sticks are made from a variety of materials, some of which may effectively never decompose. Hockey sticks are not a huge percentage of the world’s waste, even composite waste…but every effort helps! In addition, composite hockey sticks contain varying amounts of a material called carbon fiber which has value as a raw material if it can be removed from other materials used in the construction of composite hockey sticks.

How do I precycle my stick?

Participation is easy! When you shop at one of our Total Hockey retail stores, simply bring in your old qualifying composite stick with you when you are ready to shop for a new composite stick. When you shop online, every new composite stick shipped from will arrive with a HockeyGreen return bag included in the shipment. Once you receive your new composite stick, go to, request a FREE Return Shipping Label, simply put your old qualifying stick in the HockeyGreen bag, place the FREE return shipping label on the outside of the bag and ship the precyclable composite stick back to Total Hockey.

How do I get a HockeyGreen return shipping bag?

Every new composite stick purchased from will arrive with a HockeyGreen bag included in the shipment. This bag is to help make it easier for you to return a precyclable stick and receive your $10 credit. If for some reason you need an additional bag, click on Send Me a Bag, enter your information and submit. A HockeyGreen return shipment bag will arrive in a couple days.

What should I do if my broken stick does not fit inside the HockeyGreen return shipping bag?

HockeyGreen bags are designed to be durable while holding up to six broken composite hockey sticks.  If for any reason your stick simply will not fit inside the provided HockeyGreen bag, we welcome you to further break the stick at the point of the hosel (i.e. the place where the shaft meets the blade), remove any end plugs or alter the stick in order to provide an adequate fit. 

How do I get a return shipping label?

Once your qualifying precyclable composite stick is packed in a HockeyGreen return bag you will need a Return Shipping UPS Label. To get a FREE UPS Return Shipment label, go to Request a Free Return Label, enter the information required, and submit. A UPS Return Shipment label will arrive within 24 hours via email. Print the label and affix it to the outside of the bag in the area designated “Place Label Here”.

When do I get my HockeyGreen credit?

In stores, when you bring in your eligible old composite stick, you will receive your HockeyGreen credit immediately at check out when you purchase a new composite stick.  If you do not have an eligible stick at time of purchase, you have 90 days to bring in a qualifying stick with your original purchase receipt containing the HockeyGreen eligibility sticker.

When shopping online at you will receive your HockeyGreen credit as soon as your eligible precyclable composite stick, packed in a HockeyGreen return shipping bag, arrives back at Total Hockey. Once the stick arrives, your credit will be applied to your most recent composite stick purchase within the past 90 days.

Can I get a credit towards a future purchase by sending an unwanted stick today?

No, currently we are unable to process future credits.  Please hold onto your qualifying broken stick until you are ready to precycle and you will earn a credit towards a new stick purchase at Total Hockey.

What kind of stick can I return for credit?

All composite hockey sticks can be precycled for credit.  To be considered eligible for credit, the stick must be made of composite materials and be in a state of complete, near-complete, broken or unusable status.

I did not buy my stick at Total Hockey. Can I still earn a credit?

Yes, regardless of where you originally purchased your qualifying composite stick, you may earn a $10 rebate credit on your new stick purchase at Total Hockey store locations or online at  This rebate credit is only applicable to new composite stick purchases.  Total Hockey will accept any eligible broken composite stick for precycling  regardless of where it was purchased, however to be considered eligible for credit the stick must be made of composite materials and be in a state of complete, near-complete, broken or unusable status.

What if I have more than one stick to precycle?

If you have more than one qualifying composite stick to precycle, you may ship multiple sticks back at one time, however, you will receive only one HockeyGreen credit per new composite stick purchase.

What if I do not have the whole stick?

In order to receive the HockeyGreen credit you must provide a substantially complete stick. We are unable to give precycle credits when only a piece of the stick is presented or available.

Do individual composite shafts or blades qualify for the HockeyGreen credit?

Substantially complete composite shafts are eligible for a HockeyGreen credit.  You are welcome to precycle composite blades to add to the program, however they are not eligible for the HockeyGreen $10 credit at this time.


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