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Total Hockey |

Total Hockey's HockeyGreen initiative is an entryway to finding solutions to minimizing environmental waste within the sport of hockey.  Its current mission is seeking out innovative ways to recycle or reuse carbon fiber materials found in most composite hockey sticks. 

Broken Stick Collection Location(s):

All Total Hockey Retail Store Locations

or for more information visit

Tampa Bay Lightning |

The Tampa Bay Lightning named Total Hockey as a preferred partner. The two organizations will collaborate in an effort to grow the game of hockey at the grass roots level and encourage green efforts in the sport.

The partnership’s first endeavor is to integrate HockeyGreen at the professional hockey level. HockeyGreen is Total Hockey’s composite stick recycling program that rewards players for going green by recycling their broken and unusable composite hockey sticks instead of discarding them. Every broken composite hockey stick is eligible for a $10 credit towards a qualifying stick purchase at Total Hockey. Learn more.

Broken Stick Collection Location:

Tampa Bay Times Forum
401 Channelside Drive
Tampa, FL 33602

Wish to get involved?  HockeyGreen is always looking for additional strategic and marketing partners to help with its mission.
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Please complete the following application if you or your organization wish to participate in finding alternative means to reducing waste within our sport.

HockeyGreen Partners Application

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